SAIS Urban Farm
Thu Feb 14, 2019 · 132 words

February 2019, Shenzhen

SAIS Urban Farm

While on a residency at Steamhead Makerspace, I spent some time at the Shenzhen American International School, working with the larger community to build a rooftop farm as part of after-school Project Based Learning (PBL) curriculum. Together with educators at the makerspace, we kicked off a few community gardening sessions which was attended by the community of students, parents and teachers - it was great fun, seeing the kids and moms (especially!) get their hands deep into woodworking and drilling: putting together pallet wood modules, setting up tents - essentially letting their imaginations run. It’s always heartening to see children encounter soil and learn about urban ecological systems for the first time. I managed to see some cosmos flowers grow out during my stay in Shenzhen!

The children getting the soil beds ready Sowing Vegetable Seeds Cosmos!

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