A Soil Food App as Human Food Interaction 2018
Sun Jun 23, 2019 · 338 words

Ideas for a Soil - Food App

For the 2019 DIS Conference Workshop on Human - Food Interaction (HFI), TANAH presented a hypothetical app, counterpart to our other hypothetical app last year:

Soil-food pairings What soil-food pairings (or multi-partnerings) best represent narratives of the future food system we want? Linking ‘hot’ and ‘cold’, nice and not-nice-for-soil literature. Soil and food systems with land backed information storage? Combine that with type of food grown? Some eating and some soil smelling?

We proposed an activity: 1. The HFI Lit Review App to categorise papers / choose topics ParticIpants to decide on categories based on topics they are drawn to and topics they aren’t. 2. Pair soil and food: Name these soil-food couples or multi-partners. Discussion might emerge around: what do we actually know about the types of soil and their relation with types of food grown? To lend meaning to these seemingly random pairings. Link (1) and (2) via post its? / writings on wall 3. Assign a method of rating lovable/desirable futures and awful/untrustable/cynical futures (based dimensions of comfort/ease-discomfort/unease and freedom/no freedom and landscape-loss, landscape-growing) 4. Prototyping based on these range of futures, and how we may live in it. Other questions include: what sort of food could be grown (i.e. degree of ‘mutation’ or variation; Say, Salty potatoes near the coast, finger sized bananas grown on rooftops)

Since we wouldn’t be able to fly to San Diego, we wondered if we could participate remotely: our ‘augmented’ participation via skype, with 2 animated icons representing Huiying and Michelle.

(Optional:) Offsite: Making a soil-food quality checker device We make a soil-food device, which measures different narratives of the soil-food web that academic literature is writing about. A bit like prospecting for gold - prospecting for future narratives and creating an assessment of how we like or dislike it - and we can measure it with heart-eyes emoji or heart-size. A proper checker device for future dimensions/ pathways/ tangents (so we can assess what path we’re on and wanna move towards).

Food App Prototype

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