Persistence of Vision Strip
Mon Apr 01, 2019 · 175 words

Feb - April 2019, Saigon

Persistence of Vision Strip

With the group from Hackers’ Trip Through Asia (HTTA), I’ve been on the road with good company and have been playing with some ideas for what would be a good hack to work on, following the residency with Steamhead in Shenzhen, earlier in February. I had been thinking of other uses of LEDs to interact with plants, beyond functionality (for growth) and practical purposes.

Inspired by fellow HTTA-er Charles Paul and his BarBar project, the idea of a Persistence of Vision strip came up, in which a strip of LEDs (Neopixel, in this case, a WS2812) would blink out a low res image that would have been sent through a microprocessors attached to it. I’ve fried an ESP 8266 (magic smoke!), tried it on Arduino Uno and ESP 32, in order to test this POV out. It’s a really fun project, and I can’t wait until the POV finally finds a home in Steamhead Makerspace (in Shenzhen, come December 2019!), alongside plants :)

BarBar Github Documentation

Test: The WS2812 RGB LED on Rainbow Mode POV: Flashing the HTTA sign - a banana lighting up ;)

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