Urban Farm at the Quadrant
Wed May 01, 2019 · 169 words

August 19, 2019, Singapore

Urban Farm, The Quadrant at Cecil Street, CBD

In seeking to reduce the extent of the loop, which Native bar takes, the team sought to find space to grow their own herbs and - produce - on an available plot of land, in the heart of the city. And find we did, a rooftop space atop the Quadrant along Cecil Street in Singapore, set in an old heritage building (the KwangTung Provincial Bank) that deserves conservation status for it’s significant role in the development of Singapore. With a few of my very able and willing friends, together with a long - time colleague and friend Imran, we carried bags of soil up their stairs, seeding plants, transplanting others. 3 months on, there is a small and steady growing harvest available for the bar. A small community has since come together - notably, the encouraging amount of biodiversity - with the introduction of particular native, interesting species.

Butterfly Pea Butterfly Pea planted in

A promising Kaffir Lime plant! A promising Kaffir Lime plant!

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