Food at the End of the World, Salon
Tue Jan 30, 2018 · 162 words

January 2018, Yogyakarta

Characterised by a creative frenzy, a blur of conversations and side coffee romp.

Whilst the exhibition In a Hard Place Apply Soft Pressure/s was ongoing, TANAH also found time to coordinate a food salon,Food and the End of the World I II with Bakudapan Collective (ID) and Lifepatch (ID).

It was attended by stakeholders from the Yogyakarta urban food systems - who shared pertinent insights as to ongoing key debates at the moment, while we mapped the contours of the existing agro-food system in place. Whilst brief, we hoped that the discussion was able to facilitate other similar discussions down the road - whether in Yogya, or inspire formats which we could attempt in Singapore itself. This would not happen without the support of our partners, Soft Wall Studs (SG), Cemeti Arts Space (ID)


Agriculture Notes, Rice Fields Mapping, TANAH makes pancakes at Cafe Societe, Mes 56, Rooftop gardening at Lifepatch, Agro Fascinations, Postcards with Ayash Larash (ID)

Cemeti Cemeti Cemeti

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