Cultivating Cultivars 3: Ecocriticism
Thu Aug 15, 2019 · 115 words

August 15 2019, NTU CCA, Gillman Barracks

Cultivating Cultivars: On Ecocriticsm

Re-earthing: Making Courageous Cultivars - session 3’s reading group saw us positioned at Gillman Barracks, coming up with new words, or rather - shifting descriptors and questioning the underlying foundations of why we use the words we use. A glossary. I appreciated the discussion, a reflective exercise by with a public audience on an aspect of the vast spectrum of environmentalism - that of ecocriticism, in the context of Singapore, and touching on other ongoing issues in Southeast Asia. Looking forward to see how we will use the glossary leading up to session 4, which would be on reorientating ourselves - learning to see.

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