Welcome to Our Backyard

2017 June, Aljunied Crescent Estate, Singapore

Welcome to Our Backyard! (WOBY!) (2015) is both a playful critique of the ‘Not In My Backyard’ (NIMBY) syndrome - resident opposition proposed developments in their area - as well as a call for the community to come together in reimagining what an under-utilised plot of land in the Aljunied Crescent precinct could or should be. The project is centred on a plot of land that is sandwiched between two existing public housing blocks, where an elderly home and daycare facility (Geylang East Home for the Aged) are also located. My involvement came in through TANAH, in which we facilitated with PID, a series of participatory programmes involving residents of the adjacent blocks, grassroots leaders, and senior citizens and staff at the Home, transforming this transitional space into a well-loved and identifiable place for the community.

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