Hackers' Trip To Asia

February - May 2019, Singapore - Shenzhen

Hackers’ Trip to Asia (HTTA) was a continuation of HTTC - Hackers Trip to China, organised by hacker Mitch Altman. A group of intrepid, rogue maker - hackers from different backgrounds, banded together to explore Southeast Asia and her maker - hacker communities, and manufacturing spaces. Starting from Singapore, we moved through Malaysia, visiting Kuala Lumpur, Penang - crossing over to Bangkok, Thailand and headed North to Chiangmai. From there, we crossed Indochina to Cambodia, Vietnam - Hanoi and Ho Chin Minh, with plenty of stops and sightseeing in between. We intend make our way north to Shenzhen via the Viet - Chinese border. We also brought with us Haus Hacker, a spirit of hacking together on the go, putting together projects: both off - beat, some whimsical, others more functional.

We have been logging our digital footprints here.

Bangkok, Thailand: Getting some patches made Singapore: Kicking off with a HTTA group tee Singapore: HTTA Sticker making an appearance over Marina Bay

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