The Harvesting

November 2017, NTU Centre for Contemporary Arts

Adapted from NTU CCA’s Website: The Harvesting is a platform for knowledge exchange on food from the smaller domestic and personal scale. Spanning two weekends during CITIES FOR PEOPLE, the project will facilitate a series of examinations into the larger socio-political condition surrounding personal control of the food, and look at how locally grown food and small-scale/urban agriculture can be an agent for self-expression and assertion.

My involvement was with building a small urban farm outside of NTU CCA Singapore’s Research Centre and Office in Gillman Barracks, where it serves as the hosting ground for a series of workshops and events. I also conducted workshops, alongside other local urban farming groups, to impart practical knowledge and skills that will be useful for anyone interested in setting up an alternative, personal food source within a compact urban space, and outside of mainstream provisions. Parallel to the workshops are screenings of international films related to urban agriculture.

I also coordinated an outdoor farmers’ market featuring organic produce from independent urban agriculture practitioners and farmers in Singapore. This market served as a celebration of independent food sources, grown in respectful and sustainable manner, and highlights the autonomy of its makers as a powerful tool for the reiteration and marking of small sovereign units within the larger networked, multipolar urban context.

Collaborators included:

Edible Garden City

Foodscape Collective

Local Farmers and Artisans: Farmers Markets carries forward some of these ideas and discussions that emerged.


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