Cassia Seed Project

December 2017, Cassia Crescent Estate

Cassia Seed Project was a 2 month project initiated with Cassia Resettlement Team, in which gardening was both an activity done with the senior citizens and a metaphor for growing, collectively.

Adapted from Skillsfuture SG: To the urbanites in Singapore, farming is far removed from daily life. However, Michelle hopes to introduce a new look at farming in Singapore, using gardening as an activity to foster interactions between residents, particularly among the elderly and children. The events reached out to elderly residents from the newly built Block 52 Cassia Crescent apartments. With support from the Resident’s Committee, she patiently taught the residents to grow edible plants vegetables within the urban environment.

Many of the residents of Cassia Crescent were relocated from the old neighbourhood of Dakota Crescent. The workshops were seen as a platform to ease the residents move to their new homes given that most of them were late in their years. More importantly, the project facilitated the building of a new community spirit by helping to forge new relationships and embed existing ones. Participants were also introduced to the role learning can play in building a vibrant community.

Collaborators included:

Cassia Resettlement Team

Cassia Seed

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